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Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Sterling, VA

Stop Problematic Teeth in Their Tracks

Wisdom teeth may have had a purpose at one point in time, but now they often cause more problems than they solve. These teeth, also known as third molars, were meant to replace molars once they eventually fell out due to poor oral hygiene. Now that people have access to basic oral care products and a more balanced diet, the mouth can rarely accommodate them once they do erupt. If you start to experience pain in the back of your mouth and you have a clean bill of health, give us a call so we can confirm the need for wisdom tooth extractions in Sterling, VA.

Why Choose Lowes Island Dentistry for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

  • Improved Comfort Through Soft Tissue Laser
  • Experienced and Accommodating Dentist and Team
  • Varying Strengths of Sedation Available

Do My Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

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While it is rare, there are cases where the mouth can accommodate wisdom teeth when they do erupt. Most of the time, however, wisdom teeth will cause chronic pain in the back of the mouth and can even increase your risk for an oral infection if left unremoved. The best way to confirm if your wisdom teeth need to be taken out is to have Dr. Ansari examine them more closely. If you are between the ages of 18 and 25 and you start to notice chronic discomfort near your molars, it’s likely because your wisdom teeth are erupting.