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Tooth Extractions – Sterling, VA

Safe and Effective Tooth Removals

Dr. Uzma Ansari does everything she can to avoid extracting teeth when possible. But sometimes teeth become so damaged that they are no longer viable in the mouth, putting other teeth at risk of permanent damage as well. When a tooth is cracked beyond repair or simply requires removal because it’s impacted underneath an additional tooth, you can expect a safe, effective and comfortable treatment at Lowes Island Dentistry. Call our dental office to schedule your next appointment to learn more about tooth extractions in Sterling, VA.

Why Choose Lowes Island Dentistry for Tooth Extractions?

  • Dental Implants Available In-House
  • Strong Sedation Dentistry Provided
  • Experienced Dentist Dedicated to Your Comfort

When Do Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

Man in dental chair holding jaw

While tooth extractions are not common, there are many instances where it is the best treatment to perform moving forward. For example, if a tooth severely damaged by decay is at risk of falling out due to gum disease, we’ll extract the tooth preemptively to prevent a dental emergency. If room needs to be made to accommodate orthodontic treatment or the tooth is impacted underneath existing teeth, we’ll perform an extraction as well.