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Dental Implants for Sterling, VA Residents

First-Rate Tooth Replacement Treatments


What happens to the plant when its root system becomes compromised? This relates to dentistry how? Residents of Sterling, see how dental implants offer a phenomenal rebirth when all hope may be lost!

A tooth’s root system begins its navigation from your jawbone. It maneuvers through layers of tissue until it reaches the surface, known as the “pulp” within your tooth. When a root dies due to infection or damage, the body recognizes the root system no longer is serving its function and begins a process of reabsorption.

A simplified resemblance can be found in a plant. The root system keeps the plant alive and stable. Upon death, the root system shrivels and eventually is absorbed by the immediate environment. The void created subtly alters the overall structure of the surrounding area.

After losing a tooth and its subsequent root system, a change can be observed over time as the ridge of gum begins to shrink away. This illuminates why those with dentures or bridges eventually need readjustments to compensate. It also explains structural differences noted over time in the faces of those who’ve had natural teeth removed without implant replacements.

Patients from Sterling have dental implants available to fill such vacancies with something beautiful, functional, and permanent, before it collapses and melts away! Dr. Ansari will assist you in coordinating this exciting endeavor.

Dental implants are as close to a natural root and tooth system as you can get. The titanium post placed in your jawbone acts as a root-like anchor for your new “tooth” and stimulates continued bone and tissue growth. Therefore your facial structure has no reason to “cave in” or alter. An attractive, natural looking Dr. Ansari-designed restoration will mark the crowning moment of this exciting procedure!

Residents of Sterling, ask us about dental implants today and have coordinated the best-looking, most enduring smile you’ve ever had!

Dr. Ansari provides quality, compassionate care for dental implants for Sterling, Ashburn, Potomac Falls, Leesburg, Herndon and Great Falls, VA.