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Cosmetic Dentistry Near Asburn, VA

Creating Fantastic, Fantasy Smiles


People of Ashburn, this dentist will help you get the sparkling, uniform smile you’ve always admired in glossy magazines! Dr. Ansari offers amazingly durable, stain resistant porcelain veneers. Are you a potential candidate?

Do you have badly stained teeth whitening treatments can’t improve? Are your teeth badly worn from excessive grinding or etched from carbonated drinks? Did an accident remove a significant corner of your front tooth? Has that gap between your teeth been inhibiting your smile confidence?

There’s a simple solution to all these real-to-life scenarios. Dental veneers! More specifically, porcelain veneers prepped, designed, and placed by the highly qualified and professional dental team serving Ashburn. Dentist Dr. Ansari is always happy to explain any procedure in terms you can appreciate.

What’s involved in getting dental veneers? Following the initial consult, a local anesthetic can be applied to numb your teeth and gums. Just enough enamel will be removed to make room for a wafer-thin veneer. An impression of the tooth’s surface is taken, then the cast sent for fabrication.

When the veneer has been prepared, your tooth will be cleaned and etched to provide a proper and lasting bonding surface. The final touch involves a curing light that activates dental cement and creates that permanent bond.

The next time you look in the mirror, you’ll see the natural, light-reflecting, uniform smile you were hoping for!

Embrace your smile possibilities residents of Ashburn! Dentist Dr. Ansari is here to make smile fantasies come true!

Dr. Ansari provides quality, compassionate care as an Ashburn dentist for Potomac Falls, Sterling, Leesburg, Herndon and Great Falls, VA.