Why Choose Professional Dental Whitening


Many patients find themselves amazed at the dramatic results of professional dental whitening even after trying and being frustrated with over-the-counter options. Whether it is an upcoming special occasion or a patient interested in a whiter and brighter smile, our team at Lowes Island Dentistry are proud to offer our patients products that provide proven results at an affordable cost!

Options for Whitening at Lowes Island Dentistry:

  • For immediate whitening results, we recommend in-office Zoom Whitening – The Zoom in-office whitening procedure uses the professional Zoom whitening solution and method in just over an hour to brighten your smile. In addition to the in-office treatment patients receive custom whiting trays to be used with a follow-up solution and Zoom patients are automatically enrolled in our “whitening for life” program
  • For patients with more time and the desire to brighten their smile, we recommend Professional take-home Whitening – The professional kit purchase includes professional custom whitening trays used with our professional grade whitening solution. The process of take-home whitening can take up to 2 weeks to achieve the desired level of whitening – Patients who purchase the take-home whitening option are also automatically enrolled in our “whitening for life program”

Whitening For Life at Lowes Island Dentistry:

How Does It Work? Patients that are eligible for the program are 18 years or older, that are in optimal medical and dental health and who follow a consistent 6-month schedule of dental cleaning and exam. Once purchased and the contract is signed the patient will receive custom whitening trays with a home whitening starter kit. At each 6 month visit the patient (as long as the patient remains compliant with necessary dental treatment) will receive one tube of maintenance whitening solution. Zoom patients will be automatically enrolled in the program and receive custom whitening trays along with post-treatment maintenance whitening solution.

Compliance responsibility:

  1. Patients of record, in order to be eligible, must have completed an in-office comprehensive or periodic exam within the past 6 months and completed any necessary gum health or decay related treatment
  2. Patients must remain consistent with the recommended schedule of dental exam and cleaning (no longer than a 6 month period)
  3. In the event of canceling or rescheduling an appointment, the patient agrees to give a minimum 48-hour notice of any changes to scheduled appointments
  4. The patient must not have any outstanding balance past due
  5. Lost trays will be replaced at a cost of $35.00 per arch due at the time of replacement impressions
  6. If there is a lapse in any of the above compliance responsibilities, patients will be allowed a one- time $99 reactivation fee.
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