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Did you know that 80 to 85% of American adults have gum disease? Most are unaware that they have the disease and the effects it can have on their overall health. While a definite link between gum disease and heart disease has yet to be firmly established, studies have shown that there appears to be a ‘lifestyle’ connection. We take our patient’s oral and general health very seriously and assist all who need help to control this problem.

Dr. Uzma Ansari and her dental team provide comprehensive dental care that includes Velscope oral cancer screenings, full medical histories, blood pressure checks, and a complete periodontal exam.

When it comes to your health, this qualified dentist leaves nothing left undone or undetected. That’s because our team at Lowes Island Dentistry truly cares about you. Contact our Sterling area dental office today to experience this truly quality care!

Our hygienists will start with a full periodontal charting, and they will then discuss the areas that may have been overlooked in the past, or where a new problem is developing.

We take digital X-Rays, which expose you to less than a third of the radiation of more commonly used traditional X-Ray systems. This allows us to see bone loss, tartar, or other pathologies much more clearly.

Oral cancer screenings with our new Velscope are performed once a year. This is important because oral cancer is three times more prevalent than other cancers that are given more attention, like cervical cancer. This screening can ‘see’ developing abnormalities long before you can detect them with the eye.

An additional hygiene service includes the use of our Diode lasers to reduce bacterial production in the gum ‘pockets’, removing 99% of the bacteria for up to three weeks, allowing the gums to ‘heal’ after therapy.

You will not find a more thorough or professional team for your dental care in Sterling, Potomac Falls, Ashburn, Great Falls, Herndon and Leesburg, VA than the dental team of Dr. Ansari.

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