Snoring and Sleep Apnea


Did you know that it is three times more likely for a snorer to be involved in a car accident that involves personal injury? And that it is six times more likely for someone with sleep apnea to be in a fatal collision? Yes, these are disturbing statistics that can be reduced with increased education and treatments for these conditions. Snoring and sleep apnea both indicate evidence of a reduced airway when your throat becomes more relaxed while sleeping.

Increasing the airway diameter is an easy treatment to accomplish with individually-designed oral appliances that hold the jaw in a ‘more forward’ position. While the C-PAP machine (oxygen delivery through a mask strapped to a tank) is considered the ‘gold standard’ in terms of alleviating the condition, many patients are unwilling or unable to tolerate the device. Dr. Ansari works closely with your sleep physician to ensure that the oral appliance she prescribes is effective for your situation. No more worries about travel restrictions, oxygen tanks, or annoyed spouses!

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