MTM Smile Aligners


Want to straighten your teeth with clear aligners but wonder how you could ever afford it? Dr. Uzma Ansari is now offering MTM Aligners – the more economical way to perfect and correct your smile without braces!

A Faster Easier Way to Get Straightened Out

Minor gaps. Crowding. Angled teeth. These smaller imperfections can make you feel just as self-conscious about your smile as big ones. That’s why we are now offering this outstanding system to help our patients get a straighter smile. They work perfectly for minor adjustments and are faster acting and easier on your budget than the other clear options you have seen advertised!

How MTM Aligners Work

MTM, or Minor Tooth Movement, aligners use the same principles both traditional and clear aligners use – force and time – to move your teeth to their ideal position.

And like other clear aligner systems, the MTM aligners are discreetly clear so no one will know you are straightening; removable so you can eat, brush, and floss as usual; and comfortably smooth. But because they are specifically designed to help those who need smaller corrections, you will spend less time straightening and more time smiling!

Who is the Best Candidate for MTM Aligners?

While MTM may not be the best choice for those who need orthodontic treatment for TMJ issues or major orthodontic treatment, they are absolutely perfect for all kinds of other tooth perfecting needs such as:

  • Small gaps
  • Crowding
  • Minor overlaps
  • Off center teeth
  • Tipping or tilting teeth
  • Rotated teeth

If you have minor orthodontic issues, please give us a call! We can help you, get straight, save money, and start smiling with total confidence!

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