Metal-free Fillings


Getting a filling can be completely inconspicuous! Dr. Uzma Ansari, one of the top dentists in Ashburn area, specializes in metal-free fillings. These are tooth-colored fillings that are safer, long lasting and they can even match the color of your teeth. You can barely tell they’re on your teeth, reinforcing necessary structure with strength and longevity.

Metal fillings or amalgams damage teeth over time. Expansion and contraction of amalgam has resulted in fractures of teeth in today’s dentistry. The metal expands and contracts with heat or cold, meaning your teeth can slowly crack, every time you eat or drink something. Also, they discolor the gum line and appear dark and age your smile. All of this is completely avoidable if you opt for metal-free fillings – the choice restoration for our Ashburn area dentistry.

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