Dentist Near Sterling Assists in Absconding Abscesses


A lingering bitter taste in your mouth isn’t always a remnant of morning breath. Dentist in the Sterling area Dr. Ansari knows it can signal a more serious issue at hand. How can you know?

Did you experience any discomfort while chewing today, or a sensitivity to hot and cold? If you were to illuminate your mouth while looking closely in the mirror — do you see a section of your gum tissue that’s puffy and darker than the usual healthy pink?

Dentists call it a “tooth abscess”. Initially, it can present as reddish, swelled gum tissue radiating increased heat. If ignored complications are sure to ensue.

Why is this happening to you? An abscess usually appears when a tooth cracks or develops a deep cavity that exposes the pulp beneath the enamel. Having regular dental exams and x-rays are immensely helpful in catching such destructive forces before they unleash future agony. Fortunately, Sterling has top dentist Dr. Ansari to help! If procrastination were to take over, however, what results could you expect?

Here are some of the inevitable consequences to keep in mind:

  • Loss of the tooth
  • Spread of infection to the jaw bone
  • Spread of infection to soft tissue – tooth abscess can result in facial cellulite or Ludwig’s angina, a rare disease accompanied by fever and deviation of the pharyngeal walls
  • Sinusitis – infection or inflammation of the sinus cavities
  • Brain abscess – tooth abscesses in and around the nasal sinuses, face, ears, and scalp may work their way into the brain
  • Blood infection – if the abscess ruptures into neighboring areas or spreads infection into the bloodstream, the consequences can be deadly

Be sure to schedule a routine check-up today residents of Sterling! Dentist Dr. Ansari is qualified and ready to reinforce your teeth against dangerous dental abscesses.

Dr. Ansari provides quality, compassionate care as a dentist near Sterling, treating patients from Potomac Falls, Leesburg, Herndon and Great Falls, VA.

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