The Right Dental Implants for Great Falls, VA Residents


When looking for a cup of coffee, proximity matters. Most people won’t travel miles in the car or walk more than a few blocks for the right cup of joe. For a dental service, particularly one such as dental implants, Great Falls, VA patients are encouraged to research dentists, and if need be, travel a few minutes to see the right doctor.

Dr. Uzma Ansari is an experienced dentist, who is very familiar with the dental implant process. Implant restoration is where the implant post is fitted with the crown, providing the look and function of a natural tooth. Many of Dr. Ansari’s patients have discovered the life-changing effects of a dental implant. Rediscover the savory taste of steak, make a confident first impression or make any time a photo opportunity.

Incredible details, such as color, tint, shape make the dental implant imperceptible to the naked eye. The years of training and experience of Dr. Ansari pay off for precise dental work such as dental implant restoration. Enhance your smile, oral health and comfort. Call us today about dental implants!

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