For Ashburn Residents, Dental Implants Can Change Lives


When it comes to treatment options, there are few that will have as many life-changing benefits for Ashburn residents as dental implants. This advanced oral surgery technique promises to give you back everything you feel is missing since the loss of your tooth. Dental implantation involves inserting an anchor into your mouth that works just like the root of a tooth does. A porcelain crown is then created match the size, shape, angle and contour of your existing teeth and jaw. This tooth is then attached to the anchor to provide a great looking, fully functional solution that is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

At Lowes Island Dentistry for cosmetic dentistry in Potomac Falls, it is very important that you have the freedom to chart the course of treatment that is just right for you. Dr. Uzma Ansari is committed to making the best of choices available and will work tirelessly along with you to make them happen. Whether you are in need of one replacement tooth or a whole mouth of new ones, implant dentistry could very likely be just what you are looking for.

Compared to other solutions to tooth loss like bridges and crowns or dentures, dental implants offer a long-term, easy care, fully functional solution that simply cannot be matched. And when you flash your beautiful new smile there will be no doubt that your life has changed for the better. Dental implants will help Ashburn residents regain the confidence and joy that a dazzling set of teeth can bring. Don’t wait to see for yourself.

Dr. Ansari provides quality, compassionate care for dental implants for Ashburn, Potomac Falls, Sterling, Leesburg, Herndon and Great Falls, VA.

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