Your Local Dentist Brings the Most Updated Care to You

When you put your smile under the care of Dr. Uzma Ansari, you can rest assure your mouth is in good hands. Dr. Ansari brings the best, most up-to-date care to you and all of her patients by constantly attending courses to continue her education on the latest trends in dentistry.

On January 27, Dr. Ansari went to the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry to understand why patients grind away their teeth (or keep breaking them) and how to help relieve the pain. Dr. Ansari strives for clinical excellence to transform lives one smile at a time, and she provides multiple dental services to relieve patients’ pains from grinding and clenching teeth.

As a respected dentist in Potomac Falls, VA, Dr. Ansari offers life changing dental services including TMJ treatment. If you experience chronic headaches, neck or back pain, and tingling in the arms, it may be because your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is out of place.

Dr. Ansari provides appliances to relieve your pain. If prescribed by Dr. Ansari, you wear the appliance at night. Within a few nights, you might start noticing the pressure being relieved and the dull aches start to disappear.

Dr. Ansari’s dedication to change your life is evident by attending multiple courses to advance her knowledge on the latest happenings in dentistry. If you are experiencing any tension in your jaw or grind your teeth, call us today and let us help you relieve your pain.

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