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What Is a Six-Month Smile®?

November 25, 2019

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Having a beautiful smile with straight, healthy-looking teeth is a big confidence booster, no matter how old you are. And while traditional orthodontics can certainly get you to your goal, the treatment plan typically takes a long time to complete — a couple of years for most people, and sometimes longer. That’s a long time to wear braces — for teens and for adults, too.

If the thought of wearing braces for years on end is keeping you from enjoying straighter teeth and a more attractive, healthier-looking smile, the team at Lowes Island Dentistry can help. We offer the Six-Month Smile® treatment to help patients get the results they’re looking for in, you guessed it, six months on average. The Six-Month Smile treatment uses a unique approach that’s aimed at achieving great cosmetic improvements in a fraction of the time of regular braces. Here’s how it works.

Six-Month Smile: The basics

The Six-Month Smile system uses the same general approach as traditional orthodontics, but with a twist. Yes, it uses wires attached to brackets to help move your teeth into alignment. But the wires and the brackets are tooth-colored, which means the system is very discreet. And there’s another difference: They’re designed to move your front upper and lower teeth — the teeth that are visible when you smile and talk — while leaving your back teeth unaffected. Since the system focuses on those front, visible teeth, your treatment can be a lot faster compared to traditional treatments that need to reposition those larger back teeth as well.

And there’s another major benefit to the Six-Month Smile “limited attachment” approach: Because of the way your teeth are structured, moving just the front teeth requires much less force and impact compared to moving all your teeth. That means your treatment can be a lot more comfortable than traditional orthodontics, which requires significant adjustments every month. Those adjustments tend to use a lot more force on those back teeth, especially, and that means patients wind up feeling a lot of discomfort after their appointments — sometimes for days after. With the Six-Month Smile system, less force means less discomfort after adjustments.

Best candidates

The Six-Month Smile system can be an ideal solution for many people who want to improve the way their smiles look, but it’s not always the best treatment for every patient. Because the Six-Month Smile treatment addresses only the front teeth, it’s primarily used for cosmetic improvements — that is, for making your visible teeth look straight, aligned and well-cared for — and for giving you a beautiful smile you can feel confident about. If you have a significant misalignment, especially one that involves the back teeth as well, the Six-Month Smile system might not give you the results you want. And if you have a bite problem due to poor alignment of the back teeth, again, traditional orthodontics probably will be a better choice.

Of course, the best way to know if the Six-Month Smile system is a good choice for helping you achieve your goals is to schedule an office visit, so we can evaluate your teeth, your alignment issues, your bite mechanics and, of course, your treatment goals. Plenty of people find the Six-Month Smile system gives them the results they’re looking for — in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional orthodontics.

Learn how Six-Month Smile can help your smile look its best

At Lowes Island Dentistry, we want you to have a beautiful, healthy-looking smile. With the Six-Month Smile system, our team can help you achieve your treatment goals, so you feel confident flashing those pearly whites. To learn more about the Six-Month Smile system and to find out if it’s a good choice for helping you reach your goals, book an appointment online today.