Top 5 Reasons for Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a devastating condition, emotionally and physically. If you’ve lost all your teeth, it’s difficult to speak and eat, you don’t want to smile, and dentures can be awkward and ill-fitting. But the health consequences can be more significant than you might imagine.

A study of 367 denture wearers (158 men and 209 women) found that 47% exhibited a low chewing performance. Lower intakes of fruit and vegetables and vitamin A were also noted in this group. These patients took significantly more drugs (37%) compared to those with superior chewing ability (20%), and 28% were taking medications for stomach or intestinal disorders.

Dental implants are crowns that are fixed to titanium supports that replace the root of the tooth. They’re a superior alternative to dentures for several reasons:

If you’ve lost one tooth, several, or all of them, and want to avoid wearing dentures, please call Dr. Uzma Ansari to discuss dental implants and other tooth replacement options.

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