Too-White Teeth? Is That Possible?

We all dream of having that streamlined, pearly white smile that lights up a room. But many things from coffee and wine to aging and smoking can cause our grins to take on a dingy appearance. It’s normal. When this happens, we usually reach for the whitening gel. At my dental office in Potomac Falls, we’re all for getting a white smile. But is it possible to overdo it and get a too-white smile?

How White is Just Right?

In recent years, tooth whitening has gained in popularity, which is a great thing. However, it’s also led to a bit of and over-whitening craze. Like most things, whitening is best done in moderation. Your dentist can walk you through samples of shades of white to find your best fit and determine the best plan. If whitening is overdone, it can actually have the opposite effect and cause teeth to look almost blue or chalky and see-through.

How Often can I Whiten?

Whitening is safe, but there are some recommendations to keep your mouth healthy before, during, and after whitening. With that said, it’s extremely important not to overdo it. Constant whitening can erode tooth enamel and make teeth more susceptible to decay and cavities, increase sensitivity, and leave them looking really white and healthy when in fact, they’re not healthy at all.

Whitening Tips & Tricks

If you’d like to kick your smile whiteness up a notch, give my Potomac Falls dental office a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your options and work with you to determine the best solution for you.

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