The Oral Systemic Link: The Connection Between Your Oral and Overall Health

Dentistry isn’t just about keeping teeth healthy. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits are vital for supporting overall health. Your body’s wellness depends on the condition of your gums to keep infection, toxins, and inflammation at bay.

Multiple studies have shown the connection between the mouth and body. When you gain periodontal disease, your chances for serious health risks become more severe. The toxins of oral bacteria do not necessarily hibernate in your gums. They can enter the bloodstream and travel to vital organs, inflicting treacherous harm to your body.

Traveling oral bacteria may be connected to other health illnesses including:

Good news: periodontal disease is highly preventable. Routine brushing and flossing stops destructive bacteria from damaging your body and keeps your gums in excellent health. A smile kept healthy bodes well for the body as a whole! At your next appointment, ask us about the important mouth-body connection, also called the oral-systemic link. We’re your partners of dentistry in Potomac Falls, and we strive to keep you well educated of your oral health and overall health.

You can stop periodontal disease and other health serious illnesses in your own home! Here are some healthy tips (for mouth and body) below:

What are your health tips?

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