Nice Teeth! All About Zoom Teeth Whitening

Our smile makes an impression whether we like it or not, and when you’re confident flashing those pearly whites, people take notice whether you’re on a job interview, first date, or celebrating a fiftieth wedding anniversary. However, over the years discoloration can occur due to drinking dark beverages like coffee and wine, eating rich-colored foods like berries and tomato-based sauces, as well as other lifestyle habits like smoking. In fact, even the natural aging process will play a role in the whiteness of your teeth.

If you’re ready for a fresh and youthful looking smile that leaves a positive and lasting impression (and looks amazing in photos!), then it’s time to learn about Zoom whitening.

Why invest in professional teeth whitening?

 There are many over the counter whitening products that boast they can get your teeth shades lighter. However, these simple won’t have the same quick application and lasting qualities that you get when you invest in professional teeth whitening. Plus, they will vary in how easy they are to use and how safe they are for your teeth. A professional will take the stress out of the whitening process and give you reliable results, so there is no guesswork.

 How effective is Zoom whitening?

 As with any whitening process, Zoom will provide different results for people depending on the degree of stains on their teeth, which can range from dark brown to light yellow. Zoom has been shown to get teeth up to eight shades lighter than the original color with one visit (generally lasting 45 minutes). This bleaching process is extremely popular and used worldwide by celebrities, business professionals, stay-at-home parents, and virtually anyone that wants a dazzling and attractive smile.

What is the whitening process like?

When you schedule your appointment, your dentist will let you know if you need to have your teeth cleaned before the procedure. In general, the process for Zoom will take about an hour and will involve three sessions that last fifteen minutes each. You’ll first be prepped and expose the teeth by covering the gums and lips. The whitening gel will then be applied, and the Zoom light will be activated. The stains will begin to break up as the light and gel work together to penetrate your teeth.

Once all of your sessions are complete, then a fluoride designed to reduce sensitivity will be applied to your teeth, and you’ll be given the instructions and tools needed to maintain your beautiful and fresh smile.

 How do I find out if Zoom whitening is right for me?

 When it comes to any bleaching or whitening process for your teeth, you should always talk to your dentist first. To learn more about Zoom, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ansari, and she’ll examine your teeth and gums to ensure that this is the safest and most effective whitening technique for you. This is an excellent time for you to ask questions, look at before and after photos, and learn more about the specials offered at Lowe’s Island Dentistry. We look forward to providing you with a healthy smile that looks fantastic!

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