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Learn How Our Advanced CEREC Technology Delivers Same-Day Crowns

November 25, 2019

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Over the course of your life, you spend approximately 43 days on hold with customer service, six months standing in line, and 21 minutes waiting on your spouse each time you go out. When it comes down to it, Americans spend a lot of time in a state of waiting.

Thanks to new technology, we’re happy to report that we’ve removed one of those things you need to wait for — dental crowns. Using advanced CEREC® technology, we can deliver same-day crowns, which can free up more of your time to wait on other things, like getting your car fixed.

Here at Lowes Island Dentistry, when we explored ways to help our patients in Potomac Falls, Virginia, spend less time in our practice, we discovered CEREC. This technology allows us to custom manufacture your crown right here on our premises. Here’s a look at how our advanced CEREC technology works.

Why a crown?

Before we explain how the CEREC system has changed the way crowns are delivered, let’s take a step back and review why crowns are important in the first place. A crown is essentially a cap that we place over your tooth to protect its structural integrity.

Whether you’ve had a lot of dental work done on the tooth, or it’s been compromised by decay, it’s important to preserve your tooth and its root for your overall dental health. Crowns allow us to protect your tooth by shielding it from the outside. Crowns are also what we use to cover dental implants and secure replacement teeth.

Since a crown plays a critical role in the function and appearance of your tooth, it needs to fit in seamlessly with your existing teeth. This is why producing a good custom crown is so important. And that used to take time.

The traditional route

Before CEREC, the process of getting a crown required several visits to the dentist and weeks of waiting as an outside lab manufactured your crown. First, you had to have impressions taken of your tooth, which were then sent to the lab. Once your crown was ready, the lab sent it back to the dental office, at which point you returned to have it placed.

For years, this multi-step process was frustrating for people who wanted to protect their teeth with a crown as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the impressions that were made under the old system lacked accuracy and precision.

The game changer

With the CEREC system, the first thing we do is make a digital scan of your tooth. CEREC technology gives us precision and accuracy that you just can’t get with a putty-like mold, where there’s considerable room for error. In fact, with digital technology, we can scan your tooth to within a tenth of a millimeter.

And now here’s where it gets really interesting. Once we scan your tooth, this information is sent to the CEREC milling station, which is located on-site. Using a ceramic composite material, our milling unit custom manufactures your crown in just minutes while you wait.

Once your crown is ready, we place it in your mouth to ensure that your bite is correct and that the crown matches your neighboring teeth. On the slight chance that your new crown isn’t quite right, we can digitally scan your tooth again and manufacture a new one within minutes.

With the CEREC system, we make sure you walk out with a crown that fulfills both your functional and aesthetic objectives, and there’s no need for you to wait.

If you’d like to find out more about CEREC same-day crowns, please call Lowes Island Dentistry or schedule an appointment online.