Is Your Child a Sports Fanatic? 3 Reasons Why a Mouth Guard is Necessary

Millions of kids play competitive sports every year, and there are tons of benefits associated with the physical activity and team comradery. However, there are also a few safety precautions you’ll need to take to ensure your growing child stays healthy. If you already have the extra padding and helmets, you’re on the right track, but when it comes to your child’s teeth don’t forget the mouth guard. Here are three reasons why it’s vital you invest in this essential (and affordable) piece of protective sporting gear for the little sports fanatic in your life.

#1: Dental injuries are one of the most common types of sports injuries, and it’s not surprising!

As parents, we’ve all seen those close calls during practices and games that could have knocked out a tooth or caused one to chip. In some cases, it’s simply the child running too fast, losing track of their feet, and tripping and falling. A mouth guard will help prevent fractures, avulsions, and a luxation, as well as dental emergencies.

#2: Damaged teeth won’t grow back, and a mouth guard significantly reduces the odds of mouth and jaw injuries.

Teeth are simply different from other parts of our body that can repair itself like skin, hair, and nails. Once a tooth is damaged, it will have to be fixed by a dentist, and will require a lifetime of care as your child grows into an adult.

#3: A mouth guard will cost less than a dental injury – and some dental injuries can get very expensive!

To save yourself stress, money, and time, speak with Dr. Ansari about different options for mouth guards. Even though not all sports require players to wear them, it would be in the best interest of your child’s oral health (and safety) that you invest in the piece of protective equipment when your kid gets active.

Do you have more questions about the proper type and fit of a mouth guard for your child? Give Dr. Ansari and her friendly team a call at 703-444-4441 or schedule an appointment today!

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