For your Health! Your Potomac Falls Dentist is Looking Our For YOU!

Do you have dental phobia? Dental anxiety? Experienced a painful, traumatic visit at the dentist? Potomac Falls dentist, Dr. Uzma Ansari wants you to have a comfortable and pain-free experience at her dental office, and her training with advanced technologies can provide you that anxiety-free environment.

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry: This “magic pill” will lower your anxiety and have a comfortable experience at Lowes Island Dentistry. A combination of pills will be administered for you to take the night before your appointment and the morning of, which results you in an easy and relaxing time during your routine check-up.

Digital X-Rays & Photography: The sensor in the digital x-ray has less radiation making it a risk-free photo session for your teeth. Instead of waiting for your film to be developed, your x-rays will be available immediately and stored in the computer making it available with a click of the mouse.

STA (Single-Tooth Anesthesia): This advanced computer can determine the exact location to insert the anesthesia and how much should be injected in order to provide a comfortable experience for the patient. You will leave Dr. Ansari’s office with the feeling of your jaw and lips.

Orascoptic: Dr. Ansari uses the best tools to understand what’s going on in a patient’s mouth. By using the best loupes and light systems from Orascoptic, Dr. Ansari will get a superior visualization of your mouth viewing your teeth in the deepest field view.

Nitrous Oxide: Also known as laughing gas, you will feel at-ease during your procedure. Dr. Ansari will make sure your dental experience is as comfortable as possible.

Velscope for Oral Cancer Screenings: Dr. Ansari takes your health seriously and uses technologies such as Velscope to make sure you live a long healthy life. The Velscope uses a distinctive blue-spectrum light, which can detect abnormalities on your gums before you can see them with the naked eye. Oral cancer is extremely common so it’s crucial to get a check-up at least once a year.

Dr. Ansari offers the best tools in order for you to have a superior, protected, and healthy mouth. Come see for yourself by contacting Lowes Island Dentistry today!

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