Dentists of Potomac Falls Invite Enamel Production Progress

Dentists serving Potomac Falls have long realized enamel is one of the hardest coatings found in nature. This is something to be thankful for because it provides us with tough, long-lasting teeth. However, many people have problems with eroded tooth enamel, including people who smoke, drink and especially some who use illegal drugs such as methamphetamine. And most cavities start as a hole in tooth enamel that allows decay to begin. What can be done?

According to a ScienceDaily article (Feb.24, 2009), researchers “have identified the gene that ultimately controls the production of tooth enamel, a significant advance that could someday lead to the repair of damaged enamel, a new concept in cavity prevention, and restoration or even the production of replacement teeth.”

While it’s exciting news that someday it may be possible for man to stimulate the reproduction of tooth enamel, currently it remains a prospect. Once enamel is lost, it cannot be regenerated. It is for this reason that Dr. Ansari strongly encourages regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings. If weaknesses are detected in your enamel, an improved regimen of oral health care or dental repair treatments may be advised.

Dentists abound but Potomac Falls residents need look no further than Dr. Ansari and her competent team. Your healthy smile is our business, so make that appointment today!

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