Crown Them! How CEREC Crowns Differ from Other Types

There are a few different reasons why a dentist will recommend that you get a crown. If a tooth is decaying, a crown will help fix this problem. Crowns can also contribute to improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile by brightening the color and straightening the teeth. Whatever reason you have for getting a crown, you will discover that you have a few options. Here we look CEREC Crowns and how they compare to traditional methods.

What are CEREC Crowns?

The technology used for CEREC (Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is designed to create crowns in a single office visit. A digital tooth impression is made and will be as accurate (if not more) than traditional molds. The crown is then made in-office, and it generally takes about an hour to create it so the dentist can proceed.

What makes CEREC unique from traditional crowns?

While traditional crowns that are produced in a lab will have many similarities to CEREC, you will discover that there are also a few significant differences. The amount of time saved is one of the primary advantages of CEREC.

With lab created crowns, you will visit the dentist, have measurements and impressions completed, and that information will be sent to a lab. In the meantime, a temporary crown will be glued in place to help with the sensitive tooth, but because these are not permanent, they are often inconvenient. You will then return to the dentist when the lab sends your crown and have the temporary one removed, and the new one will be bonded in place.

CEREC crowns have no unsightly metal underneath, so you will never have a black stain or line under your new crown and there are no messy impressions.

As you can see, having advanced technology in-office to create crowns from the same strong materials used to make traditional crowns will reduce the number of trips necessary to get the service completed. In turn, this will save patients money on everything from travel expenses to taking off work. Also, quality will not be compromised, and some dentists find the CEREC is even more precise when it comes to fitting the tooth.

What makes CEREC unique from veneers?

Veneers and CEREC will be a decision that you should discuss with your dentist, but the biggest difference is that veneers are primarily designed for aesthetics such as whitening the smile and straightening teeth. CEREC can also achieve these results, but these crowns will also be able to correct oral health issues like decay.

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