Boost Your Smile’s Watts with the Kör Whitening System

How would you like to take 10 years off your appearance fast? It’s possible with our professional teeth whitening options, which are 10 times more effective than store-bought kits!

Our New Teeth Whitening Service

At Lowes Island Dentistry, we always stay updated with the latest technologies so our Ashburn area dental patients are receiving the best treatment possible. We are excited to announce that smiles can brighten by 16 shades or more with our new Kör Whitening technology.

With Kör Whitening System, Dr. Uzma Ansari will make molds of your teeth to customize your own whitening trays. Then, you will come into the office to receive your in-office treatment, followed by wearing your whitening trays while sleeping. In two weeks, you will see the dramatic changes to your smile.

The best part is your new pearly whites can stay dazzling with proper home maintenance and visiting us for regular check-ups. The Kör Whitening System works so well because the oxygen from the whitening gel is absorbed deeply into your teeth, which dissolves stain molecules.

Acquiring a bright, dazzling smile is in your grasp. Our new teeth whitening service is completely safe with its countless studies, proving it will not harm the teeth or gums.

Stop procrastinating, and take advantage of our brilliant Kör Whitening System. Give us a call today!

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