Beware: Common Summer Snacks Are Bad for Your Smile

It’s warm out. And when it’s warm, we tend to switch the type of food and drinks we consume. But have you ever thought that what may be good tasting may not be making your smile happy? There are many common summer treats that, while tasting fantastic, are causing damage to your smile. Everyone at my dental office in Potomac Falls wants to educate you on what some smart summer snacks are and which ones to avoid.

What to Eat

Some good choices for summer snacking can include proteins, veggies, and cheese. Proteins, like nuts and turkey, are great at fighting acid and tooth decay while cheese is packed with calcium that not only protects bones, but teeth as well. Veggies are a great alternative to some sugar-dense fruits and many, like celery, contain a lot of water which helps to rinse bacteria from the mouth. When it comes to drink choices, we can’t stress enough the importance of water.

What to Avoid

While you’re enjoying the summer sun, make sure that you’re choosing snacks that not only hit the spot, but are healthy for both your body and your smile. At my Potomac Falls dental office, we encourage you to make healthy decisions about the treats you buy next time you’re at the grocery store. Your teeth, and your dentist, will thank you for it.

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