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Benefits of Using Your Dental Insurance Before Year End

November 25, 2019

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With the end of the year approaching, it’s time to think about using your dental insurance before January 1 and start considering in-house dental plan benefits for the New Year! We know that the holidays can make schedules hectic, but don’t skip over adding a dentist’s visit to your to-do list. Not only will you improve oral health when you visit a dentist, but you can brighten that smile for all of those holiday gatherings and pictures!

Here are a just a few benefits of using your dental insurance before the year’s end.

Putting money back in your wallet

It’s easy to forget that many dental insurance plans run on a calendar year, and any benefits that you don’t use are going to reset the second the calendar flips to January. If you have any benefits and money left on your plan, take advantage of these at the end of the year because the savings could be hundreds of dollars. If you aren’t sure how much you have left to spend, contact your dentist to learn more!

If you have spent some out of pocket money visiting the dentist, you may be closer to meeting your deductible than you realize. Whether you require a routine cleaning and teeth whitening treatment or you have major dental work such as a root canal that demands attention, you can get these completed at a lower cost to you when you meet your deductible this year. Remember that your annual deductible starts over at the end of the year, so to see savings now you need to make an appointment with a dentist. You should also make sure you are using up your annual maximums if you have any dollars left there!

Resolving dental issues before they get worse

Beyond saving money by using your deductibles and insurance benefits at the end of the year, you can also see significant financial benefits because you are resolving dental issues before they get worse. While you may have a cavity or other minor issues today, ignoring these could result in a root canal or dental implant in the future, costing you more than you realized. By using your dental insurance before the New Year, you can get the dental problems resolved at a much lower cost.

Consider an in-house dental plan for next year

If your company has cut out the dental perks or you currently don’t have insurance, consider an in-house dental plan for next year. These often come with an annual enrollment fee and don’t have a premium that is taken from your paycheck each month. Multiple routine procedures as well as major treatments are covered 100% or come at a discounted price. Call 703-596-8929 or click now to speak with our friendly staff at Lowes Island Dentistry to learn more about our in-house dental plan, and we’ll let you know the services that you’re entitled to, the costs, the benefits, and more!