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Why You Should See Dr. Ansari for Root Canal Therapy

November 22, 2019

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When people hear the term “root canal,” they usually cringe because of the stigma surrounding this dental procedure. There are three common myths about root canals:

  • Root canal treatment is painful.
  • It causes illness.
  • Extraction is a better alternative than root canal treatment.

However, those three statements are utterly false. Root canals are the best option to save a diseased tooth, and if you lose the tooth, you cannot get it back. Technology has advanced exponentially over the years that the procedure itself is more accurate and incredibly relieving than in the past. In fact, root canal technology is continuing to advance, offering patients the best care.

Leading dentist in Potomac Falls, VA, Dr. Uzma Ansari truly cares about her patients, and wants them to receive the most comfortable treatments. That is why she offers Wave One Motor to make root canal therapy more accurate and comfortable for her patients.

Wave One uses a reciprocating motion to make your root canal therapy much more comfortable and accurate to rid all the bacteria inside your tooth. This revolutionary technology is much more effective than extractions (pulling the tooth out) because the Wave One can save your tooth. Nothing can replace your natural teeth, and artificial teeth leads to future costs down the road. However, root canals with the Wave One can be cost-effective and less damaging for your smile.

Dr. Ansari added the Wave One to her practice to offer all of her patients the best care. Once your tooth is gone, it’s gone. Root canal therapy can save your smile, and will relieve that excruciating pain from an infected tooth.

Give us a call today if you are need of root canal therapy. Your smile will thank you later!