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11 Lessons for Graduates as They Embark on A New Journey!

November 22, 2019

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Graduation is fast approaching, and it’s a memorable time for many students and families. It’s the moment where students take a huge leap into their new lives and careers.

As a dedicated Ashburn area dentist, Dr. Uzma Ansari and the team of Lowes Island Dentistry are dedicated to excellence, and we wish the best to the Class of 2013 as they embark upon their exciting future.

Here’s our gift to you!

Inspirational speaker Jon Gordon wrote an excellent entry, highlighting The Seed’s 11 lessons graduates can take to succeed in life. They are well thought-out and not only apply to graduates, but to anyone taking their lives to the next level.

Those 11 lessons are as follows:

  1. You are here for a reason – Your journey involves finding your purpose in life, and if you don’t pursue it, “everything else is meaningless.”
  2. Follow your passion – You may not know your dream job, but you can start finding it by pursuing your passions. “To help find your passion, seek out jobs and experiences that allow you to use your strengths and gifts.”
  3. Beware of hobbies – Just because you love to cook or sew as a hobby, does not mean you want to own a business. Hobbies are just side projects.
  4. Quit for the right reasons – Don’t quit because your job is hard and challenging. Quit because “you are absolutely certain you are no longer supposed to be there.”
  5. Learn from every job and experience – Every job prepares you for the purpose you are meant to do.
  6. Your current job may not be your ultimate purpose – It can be the starting point to “find and share your purpose.”
  7. Whatever job you take after graduation, simply decide to serve. “When you serve in small ways, you’ll get more opportunities to serve in bigger ways.”
  8. Your dream job is likely not the one you dreamed about.
  9. The quest for your purpose is not a straight line. You will encounter obstacles, victories, and disappointments in your journey. Stay positive and faithful.
  10. Don’t rush the future – The process you encounter will help you grow, shape, and prepare you for your purpose in life. The time will come.
  11. Be the seed – “Wherever you work, decide to plant yourself where you are and allow yourself to be used for a greater purpose.”

Mr. Gordon’s article is truly inspiring, and we encourage everyone to read itNo matter the challenges you face, always stay positive because your purpose will come to you!